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Animation Heavens: Animation Libraries for Every Developer!

There was a time when a simple lay out for a website could be treated as a master piece by the web developers and even by the web development companies. The wheel of time continued moving and creativity made an important place in the council of web development. Firm s that holds the best UI/UX people are considered the best web development companies.

As the importance of visualization is understood by the top web development companies. Developers started incorporating new flavors to create more eye-catching visuals to create a more user-centric experience. Animation is among one of them!

Animation is now one of the important tools for the top web development companies to create a better UI/UX. Here you will get the list of libraries that will help you to get the animation that synchronize with you web design. You will find some of these libraries as pure CSS, others are JavaScript, but none require anything more than basic HTML/CSS understanding to be useful.


AniJS is an animation library that allows you to add animations to elements in a simple ‘sentence-like’ structure. You will find a library with a very reasonable size factoring in its functionality. The format it uses for implementation is quite original (which you might find unconventional).


Hover.css is a CSS animation library designed for web designers and web designing companies and is used with buttons and other UI elements in your website. It has really nice 2D transitions, along with a host of other well-crafted animations. Hover.css can be considered best suited for animating discrete page elements which includes buttons, logos, SVG components or featured images more than larger, complex page animations.

Magic Animations

Magic Animations has been an impressive animation library available. It has many different animations, which you will find quite unique. You can also implement Magic by simply importing the CSS file. You can also make use of the animations from jQuery. If your web development company is looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you won’t be disappointed!.


Bounce.js is a JavaScript animation library that focusses on providing a selection of unique fun, bouncy, “Loony Toon-ish” animations to your web design and development team. You may be wanting to consider this library if your web design and development needs center around “pop and bubble”-style animation types and could benefit from a lower file size overhead.


This is one of the easiest-to-use CSS animation libraries available. Applying the Animate library to your project is as simple as linking the CSS and adding the required CSS classes to your HTML elements. You also have the option of jQuery to trigger the animations on a particular event if you prefer.

Wrapping up

Although using an animation library in your web application can certainly improve interactivity, overdoing it defeats the purpose and often confuses the user. Be careful and use them judiciously.

Do you use animation libraries for your projects? What are your favorite animation libraries? What are the issues you face? What are the key points your web designing company focus, when it comes to animation?

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