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Ecommerce Business Challenges in Pakistan

Whatever extra taxes they have to pay can also be seen through price details, there’s also a very strong refund policy. Most of the Pakistani businesses use COD method i.e. Cash on Delivery because we still don’t have companies like PayPal and very few people have credit cards. It is high time that we must introduce our own Pakistani PayPal or something similar to that to increase the ecommerce culture in Pakistan. So that a lot of new jobs can be credited and operated from home, which is especially good for the women who want to increase their income and meet the kitchen challenges.

Fortunately there are so many companies who are working professionally to establish ecommerce websites from scratch and also their software’s to handle all the transactions, inventory, payments as well as supply chain. Therefore, one need not to reinvent the wheel, the promotion of ecommerce is also quite cheap and can be done through social and digital media.

Here, we ensure that the buyers are not scammed into buying fake products which diminishes the mutual trust between the buyer and seller. Due to the assurance of not being scammed, more and more people enjoy the benefits of ecommerce i.e. seller and buyer.

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