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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is used to highlight targeted websites to increase the number of online visitors, called website traffic, on that website or webpage which is searched on the web search engine. SEO may target a different type of content searching for a website or webpage like academic search, image search, video search, news search, etc. SEO helps to increase the rank of a targeted website on a web search engine, by editing the web content, adding content, modifying HTML and related coding, As a result, it grows the web traffic of that website. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results & excludes direct traffic on that website & purchase of paid placement.

Different SEO strategies are available for different types of websites. In an internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how a web search engine works and how the programmed algorithm implements that direct & dictates the web search engine. SEO is performed to get an increase in the number of visitors from a search engine that causes positive growth of a whole website & its content. If SEO is performed on a business website then it could give the more relevant traffic, leads, and increase in product sales & overall revenue & profit for a business that every businessman wants to focus on.

Everyone on a web search engine is there to search for something. When a person searches on a search engine it gets some websites related to its search words. He chose the top showing websites to get what he is finding while those top showing websites are showing on websites because of SEO. There are many techniques of SEO which makes you website in the top rank, but mainly we have to focus on the five most effective techniques of SEO which are as following:

1. LSI Keywords

Using LSI (Long Semantic Indexing) keywords is one of the most appropriate strategies of SEO to make your website easily accessible from users. LSI keywords are those words that help web search engines to find the exact or most resembled content found by using search words.

For example, if you want to write about an IBM company, you have to add some words in your content that enable Google to identify that you are talking about an IBM company, not for some alphabetic values. Using LSI keywords is the most effective way to get this purpose.

2. Make website responsive

Making a website responsive is the most effective & demanded factor in SEO because now it’s a world of mobile devices and a lot of people are searching on their mobile phones. If a website accessed by a user on a mobile phone, that is not responsive then the website content is not properly visible to the user or sequence of content is showing disturbed then the user will not be satisfied with the results hence it will move to another website rapidly & sure to avoid visiting that website again. In recent years Google updated its algorithm, mobile-indexing became an SEO ranking factor.

3. Maximize on Social Media

Among all media "Social Media" is one of the most rapid responses to SEO strategy because of its billions of users.

At this time each person has its profile on social media platforms on which he spent a large amount of time per day. If you look behind on statistics & trends you will be noticed that social media's users increase every year & they are still increasing. That shows the importance of Social media. If we use it to optimize SEO on social media to promote business, brands, etc. it will give a beneficial reaction towards your target.

Social Media profiles appear on web search engines. If our posts are engaging people it means it is giving you relevant traffic & as a result, your ranking will improve. Google did this because of realizing that most searches are done by mobile users. Billions of people from each corner of the world have mobile phones & they are using the internet, making searches through it. Therefore, the website is mostly mobile friendly to get higher SEO rankings. Users will spend more time on your targeted website then Google wants to provide it with the most relevant result & users will also suggest that website to other users hence more people engage & get relevant traffic.

4. Improve User Experience

To get more traffic & engage a large number of people to a website, user experience is a very useful aspect. It is related to the user satisfaction towards that targeted website. When a User gets according to its expectations by getting its desired object, maybe some information, image, file, video, etc. it will improve the website ranking.

5. Link Building

Link building is a famous technique of SEO to enhance online traffic on the targeted website. Search engines consider backlinks as a ranking factor. If a website has several quality backlinks, it will most likely rank higher.

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