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In this modern world, everyone wants every wanted thing on its fingertips. Every person has the requirements of their daily life whether it wants clothes, stationery, vehicle, home appliances, mobile phones & accessories, etc. Nowadays everyone doesn't have time to go to the market & get its desired thing.

This time, every sensible person has enough knowledge about online business & E-commerce. Each business has now a requirement to get in touch with its related persons & customers through the internet. If you want to grow your business and make it accessible to everyone from all over the world then you have to make a Website on the internet, which is the only online way to represent your business & feature your products in front of an online community from each corner of the world.

The solution to getting the desired thing on your doorstep is possible because of internet technology which is available in every corner of the world. Internet technology is taking the world in a forward direction. It's true to say that the internet has now controlled everyone's life's major factors.

Website is a most demanded & necessary thing that helps your business to represent it all over the world in front of any type of person but making a website is not enough to attract people towards it & make a place in the online market world.

This article is to disclose those factors of concerns while making a website or you should demand website developers to make sure that those points are part of your website.

We have to discuss some major factors of website development for a business purpose, through which a website developer makes a website attractive to engage traffic & increase business growth.

There are hundreds, thousands of website development companies that claim that they provide the most appropriate & professional website design services but not all are doing according to their declared standard.

We discuss them one-by-one as follows.

1. Domain Name

Good Domain names are difficult to find, that’s why they are of a lot of value.
Domain names represent your brand on your business website address. Some points should be remembered while selecting a domain. The domain name should not be too long, keep it simple. It makes it easy to find your website easily by an online community.

  • Don't select misspelled names because it doesn't have a good impact.
  • Don't choose the hyphenated domain & avoid numeric values while choosing it.

2. Purpose & Tech

Making a website without clearly showing its purpose of making is a useless activity. It&s most important to declare a clear purpose of the website while developing it. A web developer is developing a website for business purposes or to provide information to its readers should provide a clear look that represents its purpose.

It will also make easy for the developer to choose a technology on a website basis. You can use HTML5, Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, etc. according to website demand. If you want custom website then .NET or PHP are best options.

3. Hosting

Hosting is a procedure of storing web pages & data like HTML files, documents, images, etc. in a computer, called a web host. Term web hosting means that some web development companies rent out their computer systems/servers to store your website & facilitate you with internet connectivity so that other people on the internet can access the data on your website. That data may be some images, files, products, etc.

4. Layout & color

The first thing seen by the visitor on your website is the layout which has a major factor in making the visitor's impression. If you have a website related to your business, the color combination used on your website should be defining your business environment. The impression is one of the most important roles of making huge traffic on your website as you know that 'The first impression is the last impression'.

5. Attractive Design

The design of everything plays a prominent role in its success or failure. Website design is also a major factor that should be managed greatly. For this purpose, all well-known website development companies which are known best for providing *website design services* have professional highly paid graphic designers only for making an attractive design of a website.
The design of a website should be based on modern features that should make it easy to use the website and fulfill the purpose of a visitor.

6. Provide Security

Security is the most important thing in a well-designed website which should not be compromised at any cost because of its sensitivity. Especially when you are collecting information about your website using those that contain its data. That could be a bank account detail (which is a normal activity on business websites), login details, search details, etc. Make sure to get the most strong & authentic security system while developing a website. Also, use domain name secure with an SSL certificate. It’s better for both the website owner & website user as well.

7. Navigation & Loading

Navigation is a facility providing to the visitor to move from one page of a website to another. Navigation should be smooth & easy because it gives a better user experience. If the navigation is not helpful then people don't want to get back on the website. Another important is loading which is the time of opening of the website & its contents. If the loading time is long then the visitor wants to exit from the website & move to others for making its purpose.

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