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Cash Cows of IT Industry in Pakistan

IT sector of Pakistan has grown too vast in last decades and actively and massively contributing in economy of the country. There is no doubt that it still have a way more potential than it has yet utilized and to explore that potential there are various worth praising steps can be seen in recent years. P@SHA’s initiative of the Nest I/O has contributed a lot in elevating the IT sector. Following the steps, Plan 9 the project of Punjab board of Information Technology has showed its presence in an effective manner in IT scene. Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan has also taken this practice way further by launching National Incubation Center in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar with effective collaboration with various pioneers of industries such as Microsoft, HBL, Ignite, PTCL, LMKT, Funding Labs, Lahore University of Management Sciences and many more. As the result of such effectual steps as the new IT companies are immerging not just locally but internationally. Along with affluent talent and productivity inflow in the field the pioneers of the business are also raising the bars of their services. Here are the top IT companies of Pakistan that are contributing in the provision of services as well as generating foreign exchange for the country.

1. NetSol

A Platinum award winner by Pakistan Software Exports Board. It has exports of more than millions of dollars at its belt with specializing in financial and leasing solutions.


LMKT not only just contributed in National Incubation Center initiative but also has a great role in the fields of smart cities, smart building, e-governances and agree tech solutions.

3. Systems Limited

A pioneer in Telecommunications and Web development solutions. It has around 2500 of workforce to fulfill the expectations of its clients.

4. S & P Pakistan Pvt Ltd

Although head quartered in New York, United States. S & P has contributed and made itself one of the champions in the Pakistan IT industry.

5. Trg

A person may be totally unaware of the IT scene of the country but TRG would surely be the one of some names that he/she would obviously be aware of. Trg has clients all over the world with focused specialization in portfolio management and investment holdings.


With more than five offices and around 1500 employees MTBC focuses on providing health care management solutions in USA and around.

7. Ovex Technologies

From the offices in Lahore and Islamabad, Ovex is providing various IT services ranging from web development to support and Cloud services to its clients residing at USA and Europe.

8. i2c

With its specialization in financial sector, I2c is providing list of services with cutting edge technologies that includes credit / debit solutions, prepaid solutions, fraud management and crypto currency solutions along with many others.

9. TeraData

Tera Data penetrated on Pakistan IT scene when there were not so much other than few names and services. With its global experience and effective consultancy. TeraData has captured the big data and IoT(Internet of Things)market in the territory.

10. Mentor Graphics

Being Siemens venture itself. Mentor Graphics has its name shining in the genre of EDA(Electronic Design Automation. Their innovative products have enable engineer s to overcome design challenges with cost effectiveness.


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