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Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Challenges and Guidelines for IT Services and Web Development Companies

The world is under a threat, a threat which could not be seen through naked eyes but its effects are horrendous and enormously visible. A virus which has locked down the entire planet and forced people to stay inside their houses , is getting horrifying with every passing day. Corona Virus Disease, first reported in Wuhan, China in 2019 gets its abbreviation as COVID-19. The virus is spread among human beings through respiratory droplets or touching contaminated places. It has been so deadly that all the international markets collapsed, organizations had to close their offices and workers are forced to stay at home and work from there.

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has put the world in abyss of horrifying fear. It has also affected the web development companies. Web development industry is much globalized, they have their customers as well as employees all around the world. The work is although carried online but the communication gap among the employees has put negative impacts on the companies. As the employees are sent behind the doors to work from home, which is essential to stop the spread of the virus, some challenges have arisen. Here are some challenges and their solutions for the employees of web development companies.

Remote Work

In this global pandemic, working from home is the best way to continue the provision of services and to protect everyone. Nowadays, it is not a huge task to connect to anyone. What you require is a computer or laptop, internet access and a plug in facility. Working from home can be a difficult task if you have kids roaming around here and there but taking a few steps can ease your difficulties.

  • Make the environment around you like a proper office i.e. no noise and no much disturbance.
  • Get fresh before you start your work.
  • Get yourself comfortable but don’t forget that you’re doing your job which is providing satisfaction to the customer without doing silly blunders.
  • Take tea or coffee breaks so you don’t stress out easily.
  • Distinguish between home and work mode.


Proper communication is the key to success for web developers. Web developers require a great attention to each and every line of their codes and programs. Coronavirus may have ended your physical contact with your colleagues and bosses but you can still be in contact with them being online. It is extremely necessary to do so because if you get stuck somewhere you can find their help. If you are on an on-going project, their ideas can help you to do a better job and improvise. Being in proper contact can let you know what actually is expected from you.

  • Ring up to your boss and let yourself know what your tasks are.
  • Stay in contact with your colleagues to be more productive.
  • Communicate with your customer and check if things are going according to his desires and wishes as customer satisfaction is the most important factor.


Web development companies are the hub of technologies. Everything which is required for the task to be perfect is present in the offices. Whether you need a high speed internet or computers compatible to perform a hectic task, anything you want is available within your sight. Working from home can deprive you of these advanced technologies and could affect your performance and also the quality of work. In this situation, you can ask for access to these computers or ask your colleague to perform a certain task for you if it is possible for him. If you could not get the access, you can ask the customer to wait for a certain period of time as the problem is faced by the whole world. If there are some other options available, you can opt them and get your work done without compromising the quality.

Network Connections and Security

After the outbreak of this lethal virus, people are working from home from their own network connections. This has put a lot of load on the servers and network connections. The organizations are checking whether their systems are capable of withstanding the load. The other threat which has come up with this virus is the cyber attack. As people have started working from their homes, they are at a risk of cyber attack. The web development companies have protected network systems where their employees can do their tasks easily but nowadays working from home networks could be dangerous. The employees should have a secure network where they can continue their work properly and securely. The transmission of the data must be encrypted and the connection between network devices and gadgets should be secure. The physical security should also be made sure, employees should be keeping their laptops and computers within their sight to avoid any mishaps. Web development companies are trying to work on it so that they are not vulnerable to cyber threats.

Keeping Spirits High

As this natural calamity has hit the world and has caused a lot of panic among the people due to its fatality, don’t lose any hope. The world and governments have taken mandatory steps to stop this calamity and keeping people behind closed doors is one of them. It is not going to be here forever and the world has to carry on with the stuff and work which is necessary. Mental health is very essential for any developer in order to get the work done properly. So in this time of misery, don’t lose your strengths and carry on with the work from homes so that the services provided are good and people can stay connected.

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