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Leading Tech Companies in Pakistan

Well, software and computer related business offers new horizons for the enthusiastic youth. In this era of technology, many youngsters are taking admission in the field of software and IT. Their main goal is to work with the best IT company because their financial benefits are directly proportional to their skills levels. More the person is, the more his salary will be. List of IT companies in Pakistan are very fast as small IT houses are also working throughout Pakistan. Their professional workers have graduated from top universities of Pakistan. They are providing their customers online services directly through social media. For people who know programming well, IT companies are their solace. This field is a technical field. If you don't have skills then its useless for you to come in this field. Top IT companies of Pakistan choose talented students without the regard of their professional degree. If you are a student of BIT, BSCS, or BCS, then you should know about the best IT companies of Pakistan, because your destination lies there. Here is the list of it companies in Pakistan, according to their ranking in Pakistan software export board.


It is one of the best IT companies in Pakistan. Net Sol is the only Pakistani company which is registered on NASDAQ. In the years 2015-2016 it crossed the $20 million export milestone and every year it crosses the benchmark.The company was founded in 1999. And now it provides its services in 30 countries. Net sol has 2000 professional employees. They have their offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is considered among the top rank IT companies of Pakistan.


This IT company is ranked at 2nd position. System limited is spread in 4 continents and it has employed over 2000 employees. It makes $10 million to $20 million in IT exports. It provides numerous services to government and private organizations, Which includes BPO solutions, consulting services, software and IT services.


Teradata is ranked as a global IT company. It provides business ideas, architectural consulting and IT solutions to customers. Due to its vast services it has more than 1500 customers. This IT company runs in 77 different countries and it generates between $10 million to $20 million of exports.


TRG global is among the companies that received Gold award. This company holds many investments and specializes in business processes. It's services include analytical and technology expertise, growth and acquisition capital, strategic insight, and a global operational footprint. It has too many customers worldwide.


This company is the first one to receive a silver award. It's name shows it's work. This company provides IT services in the healthcare department to customers living in America. It has around 8 offices worldwide that employ 1600 employees. It has 10k customers across America. It provides medical billing and consultancy services.


This company deals with petroleum and gas industries. It provides various services to its customers which are more than in 80 countries. E&P service, mobile technology solutions and consultancy services.

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