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Must Do Stuffs for Web Developers

Web Development is a very fast paced industry and if a nerd who thinks that graduating with a Computer Science degree is going to make him/her next Dennis Ritchie is surely going to put himself/herself in deep shit. In the cruel industry there is no excuse of slacking off. You have no option other than continuously learning and constantly improving your skills and this is the only way to stay in the game.

If you are smart enough or you have seen the harsh reality of the industry then you obviously look for the same answer that is the alchemy for every developer. “How I can code better?”

Here you are going to see what you must do to make yourself confident that you have involved yourself in Dirty Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) process.

1. Do Coding Everyday

“Practice makes perfect”. You have heard it, it is the right time to apply it (in your coding life). Although it is an obvious advice but most of the seasoned developers just guide you to do it actually. Like any other field of life doing the stuff regularly will make you better in it, you fill find that your mistakes are reducing and your sub conscious mind will be connected with your computer and in result you will see the ways that you have not explored yet. Remember that coding daily doesn’t not mean to hit the new projects every day. It only means working consistently.

2. Contribution to Open-Source

The more you collaborate the more you get. This mantra also goes side by side with the life of a developer. The best way to collaborate is to work on open source projects and make your mark .You can make the newer version of what is already done or you can help others in finalization of their projects. You will not only get the more eyes on your project, but certainly build your team working abilities along with out of the box learning.

3. Sharing your knowledge

Remember you will never satisfy your own self. You will always think that you are just an average coder. But remember you can always be helpful to a huge range of people. Start serving the industry in which you are. You can guide your subordinates directly or write articles on web page or visit universities to help the students at their project. You will find a greater self-esteem in yourself along with a sense of professionalism and above all increment of your visibility in the industry.

4. Accept the challenges

Never say no to the things you don’t know. That are going to be the actual stuff that would make you stand out. Challenges are the only reason through which you can enhance your skills, It is the technological era where nothing is impossible. Always seek the tutorials or the things that you don’t know. Of course these tutorials are not going to make you master but will surely enhance your exposure.

5. Downtime

While coding every day is extremely beneficial, you must take care to schedule regular downtime too. As ironic as it may sound, time spent not producing anything will actually make you more productive. If you are constantly working, surely you are under stress, which can result in sloppy codes, missed deadlines, and missed opportunities. Your ability to think clearly and solve problems will deteriorate and, ultimately, your health will suffer too. So it’s crucial to schedule regular downtime. If you find you cannot break away from work, then schedule it in your calendar and set a reminder to stop working for some period of time. After a hectic regular work period the downtime will be your next motivation to push through the most intensive coding sessions.

Wrapping up

You don’t need to rush off and implement the tips before knowing the fact that that programming languages come and go. Although this is a good reason to get familiar with as many languages as possible, you will only become a much better developer if you spend your time studying and mastering the programming basics and fundamentals, and if you have issues in your basics Icreativez would be glad to help you out. You are a developer or an end consumer, Icreativez have candies for both of you, being a consumer you will get the product as the best fit of your requirement and if you are a developer you get the hands on experience with the supervision of our development champs with whom you will explore the world of development that was always invisible to you.

As we are waiting for you. Happy coding :-)

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