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Importance of Social Media

Social media, an innovation the millennials like to claim as their. If one would like to put it in a single statement what this term basically means , they would most probably refer to it as - As any form of human communication or sharing information on internet that occurs through the medium of computer, tablet or mobile phone, an internet connection being its most vital factor though. In today's date there are many applications and websites that collectively are listed under the category of "Social Media" Social sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc help human's interact and communicate with each other , they allow networking and sharing of moments and ideas. Other than just sharing idea's and communication , social media has its set of Fame too. There are many people who are considered celebrities just because they have somehow become famous on social media, be it through a thought provoking statement or action , or just because their action became viral. Social media for many people nowadays is a source of income too. Other than app developers of social site developers people use this popular platform to market their idea's and products too. This form of marketing is called Social Media Marketing. It helps a person build a market for their brand and target potential buyers. Secondly social media also works as a customer service tool, communication being easier a customer can track a company on their facebook\twitter page and complain easily. Other than businesses social media is a great educational tool, with online teaching courses, lectures in the form of videos and live lectures information is much accessible and quickly available to students. Furthermore, word travels literally at the speed of light on social media. It is easy to have access to any event happening all over the world. Social media has alot of advantages and disadvantages to it but for the millennials it is undeniably the most important platform they use for connectivity with the world.

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