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Thirteen Reasons Why? : Your Website could meet the fate of Hannah Baker: Side A

Thirteen Reason Why? A Netflix hit is the story of melancholic life and death of Hannah Baker, whose life goes awry in any way that it could possibly be! The tragic fate of Hannah Baker can come across to your website too, or may be your company website has suffered some of the pains of Hannah Baker itself, only you not realizing it yet!

You have a fine business running and your website is as creative as you want! You think your website is boosting all your dynamic solutions but suddenly you realize that it has been a long that you get any new leads through the website. It is not too late yet. You can still save your website, but before you start doing so you just need to know the misfortunes your website has already suffered.

Following are the thirteen reasons that may have caused loss of people’s interest

1. Unnecessary Pop ups

Either you are working, reading or playing or even partying you don’t want unwanted disturbance. When you don’t want this for your own self why bombarding other with this unwanted curse. You may have any motive behind this pop-up schedule (information gathering, advertisement or getting traction) but remember! to your audience it is a deliberate distraction.

2. Poor Navigation

Navigation is an important part of human history (even before Jesus Crist) If you are losing leads it is the right time to look at the quality of navigation you have on your website! Navigation needs to be intuitive, descriptive and straightforward.

3. Immediate Registration Requirements

If your custom website is asking people to register as they enter into the world of your business. To your audience you are just like pornography site! Yes, that is harsh, but the subconscious mind automatically relates your site with such sort of sites where you are asked to register instantly. Get the interest of your audience by providing the solution of their problem, in case of website give them answers for which they came up to your site and then they will register by themselves. Gladly

4. Poor Proofreading

Grammatical or typo mistakes give the worst message to the audience. There is no room for the excuse. When someone finds a mistake at your site, the first idea that would hit the mind would be that if reading your message one more time before broadcasting is unimportant to you, how you can deliver what you are promising in this flashy medium.

5. Unclever Font Selections

Your font should not be based on what you think is nice. It must be based on the relation with the product you are offering and ideology you are sharing. Foolish selection of fonts creates the impressions that you may not have time or ability for the minor details to lead things towards perfection.

6. Color Combination

If you are not intelligent in color combination you must dedicate this task to someone else, because poor color selection will not only make your viewers difficult to read the content of your website but also let them suffer from visual panic.

7. Loading Time

If your website is taking time to load. It is the time to redesign it or at least reconfigure it. The slow loading means you have frustrated your visitor even before introducing yourself.

8. Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling

It is a good idea to have all the information in as single page, and save your viewer from the labor of clicking. But if your web page is going to much lengthy you are losing the interest. If that is true your website is the biggest enemy of your business.

9. “About” Page Missing

It is a modest attitude of saying “I am what I do”, But for someone doesn’t know you or your doings. There should be something for them. You may lose potential client only because she/he cannot find your actual capability only because you never showed that.

10. Video on Homepage

When it comes to describing yourself most of the startups choose to showcase a well-produced video content that describes the product or services offered. There is no doubt that this is a very creative and impressive way of capturing attention, but you must have the alternate of it also because for someone who has ten minutes only will not watch your three minutes intro. There is no option other than he/she will skip that or fast forward it. In any case your well curated message is totally lost.

11. Something Boring/Unprofessional

This only happens when your goal is to be cost effective. Yes, you can have your website ready in half of your budget. If you are inclined to save that half of the budget too, you may use various online web building tool. You can surely make a satisfactory result also. You may be proud that apart from your core skill you are selling, you have made a website of yourself, but that website is going to reduce the sales of your core skill due to its lack of professionalism and unawareness of viewers psychology.

12. Ads among the Content

It’s better to earn from your core business rather than expecting income through ads. It not only makes you greedy in front of people but also there is a great chance that through various flashing ads your viewers lose interest in your product and may find something through Google ad words algorithms

13. Not getting Answers

It is the most import reason your viewers start alienating you and your business from their routine. You have a visitor at your site, with the purpose of getting certain solution/answer from your site and don’t find it. What you expect from this poor viewer. Yes, expect nothing. Because you have certainly lost it. To avoid this, you must have the clear insight of your audience and the list of their expectations too. It may base on your industry, but basic services/ products along with their pricing is the prime thing to be included. You may include other information that may interests the visitors and that interest will turn them into your next potential customer

Wrapping Up.

Leaving your website with above attributes is like leaving your website for suicide. You can cure it simply by applying the small yet effective tips shared. If you still curious and want to evaluate your website. Icreativez Technologies would be glad to employ the analyst to share the further tips to improve your current website or build a custom website from the scratch that will reflect your true ideology as your image to the mirror.

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