Creating an effective Learning Management System is the job of a professional, not an amateur. An effective Learning Management System can make online learning easier. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken over the world, an LMS is one handy software to make learning effectual.
Here are top LMS development companies in Pakistan who can help you in developing an amazing Learning Management System. ICreativez Today’s education also demands technology. Nobody these days wait for a certain institute to pop up in their area, so they can go take an admission. With ILearning, we have digitized learning in a way that promotes distance and real-time learning through exclusive portals, digital libraries, and lecture tubes, etc.
Since technology has taken a toll on our lives and is everywhere in our daily routine, it makes sense to transfer from the traditional way of learning to E-learning.
E-learning is a convenient way to learn from home, it saves both the lecturer and the student time as sometimes either one ends up missing or cancelling the classes due to unfortunate situations which are natural or personal. It saves both cost of classrooms and space, learning material, assignments, stationery and time as time is money and it is better to use it effectively to succeed in your goals and our Learning Management System provides just the right services for you to study online.
Our Learning Management System is one of the finest systems to cater your E-learning needs, whether you’re a student or a teacher, we provide ample services to fulfill your requirements. Most of the services we offer are; organizing your course material and learning material in one place, easy accessibility of the material anytime anywhere, stress-free tracking of the learner’s performance and progress, availability of modules online helps in saving time invested in teaching and guiding continuously, it cuts the cost of development and learning, updated and instant accessibility of content, audiovisual learning et cetera. Almost every web development company in Pakistan is involved in the LMS (Learning Management System) to improve the E-learning experience in Pakistan. Many are going towards the E-learning system instead of the traditional system of learning i.e. formal education. In order to study efficiently without having any issues regarding online learning, we make sure to keep the learning management system updated with current trends and fulfill every student’s needs. EduServ A learning management system (LMS) is a software application. For the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, training programs and delivery of educational courses, learning and development programs. Above all, EduServ provides the best learning management system in Pakistan, UAE, KSA and Middle East.
Our LMS is not limited to only educational institutes and can helpful to any organization. Who is in need of the features we provide, these include hospitals, recruitment organizations and software houses.
We make it easy for your institution to provide training to learners and empower you to create web-based courses. Easily available and have features such as feedback and issuing of certificates.
Through the use of Spectrum Learning Management System your institute will be ahead of the game whilst the competition will be dealing with the issues of having an old fashioned way of learning! Paktaleem Since 2010, PakTaleem has been serving e-Learning industry world-wide providing tailored e-Learning solutions. We serve in development, hosting, and administration of e-Learning solutions along with e-Courses development & administration. PakTaleem has everything you need for a successful e-learning business. PakTaleem has ready-made e-learning solutions to suit different scenarios. With PakTaleem, you can start your e-learning business in just a few days. PakTaleem takes care of all the technical aspects like branding, course development, administration, & end-user support. PakTaleem has helped many e-learning businesses succeed. Now, it's your turn.... Let's chat to start.... First Idea Web According to the current status, various institutions need a Learning Management System (LMS) to boost the education system. However, in this regard, First Idea Web Development is the best LMS development Company which is operational since 2016. Our experienced team and technical staff are providing you with the best features of the eLearning website. Moreover. We are offering eLearning websites at wallet-friendly rates. Our 24/7 services offer you with assistance to provide LMS website design. Furthermore, Learning Management System development is at our fingertips. Our LMS web developer team is introducing an innovative feature to your LMS website design that is making it attractive and overwhelming. However, LMS software development at First Idea Web is available at cheap and pocket-friendly rates. Peopleqlik With PeopleQlik Learning Management Software you can build an effective learning organization, monitor talent readiness and keep your learning current and in line with changing business needs. ISOXPERT "e-Learning can be defined as 'learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology'. It can cover a spectrum of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a 'blended' approach (a combination of traditional and e-learning approaches), to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element."
Blended e-learning now offers learners sophisticated and varied options to support their learning. Meanwhile, the development of read-write technology for the web has seen the addition of blogs and social networking sites to the blend, building communities of learners and making their experience truly interactive. This, along with new ways of using video, gaming and podcasts has taken blended learning to new and exciting levels, not only forming an integral part of formal training interventions but also in supporting continuous informal learning.
The Blended Learning is now proven. We have implemented blended learning solutions which range from the most straightforward to the more sophisticated.
Many of our clients, for example, have taken the opportunity to enhance instructor-led training with an introduction or refresher module online. The solution combines online segments, highly developed scenario driven elements, conference call discussions, virtual or real classroom training and practice sales pitches with fictional customers.
Customized Training is designed to enhance the skills base. We will create a tailored project for your business.
The Skills Adviser will meet with an employer to learn more about the business and to discuss the specific training needs. A training project will then be built around the employers specific requirements. Training can be delivered at a time and location to suit the employer.
Our Learning Management System (LMS) can be seamlessly added as a complete, end-to-end training portal on your existing IT infrastructure. Interactive nature of the trainings ensures training participants have an enjoyable - and effective - training experience. ELearning Pakistan ELP - LMS Module is a custom made module which gives you full set of features for Administrator, Teacher and Student Logins accessible online.

Admin Portal

Administrators can create Semesters, Courses, Classes, Teachers and Students and enroll each accordingly; they can make announcements, view reports, edit or delete entries, and do much more.

Teachers Portal

Teachers can upload course material and content for their students including PPT, Word, Excel, Videos and more, check student attendance, and make announcements.

Students Portal

Students get access to their content using unique login credentials

Learning Management System Module + Arec Lecture Capture Solution + API Integration Module

When ELP - LMS is combined with Arec Lecture Capture Solution and API Integration Module, teachers can start recording their lectures from a touch screen display placed in the classroom, upon stop, their lectures are automatically saved onto the server via FTP and student get access to the classroom video lectures right after the upload, which they can access anytime anywhere.