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When To Revamp Your Website? 7 Indications

Design is the first thing that is considered as an initial step while making any kind of thing. It’s also a very important factor that should be managed very generously by professionals because of its importance. Similarly, a design for a website is very important as well. The design of a website is one of the major causes of gaining online traffic & keeps people engaged with it. If you have a website which is not gaining the number of visits you should think about its design because it may be a cause of that.

The Design of a website must be according to its type and should be created according to its expected visitor’s category. For example, if your website is for the business purpose it should be formal & detailed. It’s more important for a business website to fulfill all the aspects of user-friendly websites because it’s a game of financial benefits. Every shopper scrolling on the website to get its desired thing, noticing everything on a website that’s about its images, navigation options, graphics quality, etc. Almost 87% of shoppers research about the product they want before making a purchase.

If you are not getting more traffic then it could be because you have not updated your website's design according to the current demand of people.

Whenever a new visitor comes to a website for the very first time, he must find something attractive, something that forces him to be on that website for more time & visit it again & again.

It could be possible not only by his desired content but also by applying some beautiful themes, easy and colorful graphics, and some textures that make him surprised.

Here we will discuss what conditions are the signs of outdated websites that could not get enough traffic & ultimately become fail in the race of competition.

Text Heavy Website

If your website has too many texts then it is a text-heavy website & it is in the category of an outdated website that can not be acceptable in the modern world. In order to get it in the updated website category, you have to make it easy visually for the visitors by adding images, icons, animations, graphics, etc. related to the content of the website. Text Heavy website makes visual problems for people and forces them to go out of the website. No one wants to visit a Text Heavy website, whatever message you want to convey will most likely get lost, misread or unread because of the surplus of text.

Moreover, a text-heavy website is most likely a hurdle to the visitors to spend time on the website. People have an average attention time of 8 seconds, you should make the user's first 8 seconds attractive & useful for them to make their stay for long.

If you have a website who has low Search Engine ranking then it's time to redesign the website. For this purpose, Old approach web developers use a bunch of keywords into the content of the website & on particular webpages, with the hope of increment in the online traffic. Instead of this method, Google supports meaningful content that is relative to the user's search. If the URL of a website is not proper & it’s broken, it means that it will not get the top position however the content is according to the search query or not.

Visually Outdated Website

The outlook of a website is one of the main things that a visitor notices first. If your website is built in old ages i.e. in the 90's or previous years and did not update according to modern ages then the user is not going to click more & stop scrolling on the website.

If you have a visually outdated website, it means that you are not updated with modern trends. Moreover, it shows your negligence towards that website & it becomes more difficult to compete with other competitors of the related field.

Your website should be visually updated like the same way a storekeeper sets the new items in its storefront to let its customers know what new items are arrived.

It's difficult to Navigate

A proper website has several pages for each purpose like home, contact us, services, etc. If these simple but important pages are difficult to access then it’s a red signal for you that means your website needs to be updated to fulfill this purpose.

A user wants to get the things in a minimum span of time, whatever they want. If they do not achieve their job, they will skip scrolling and get out of your website as soon as possible which is the main cause of website failure.

Difficult to Edit

If your website is made up of some old technologies & based on the old structure then it’s a time taking procedure to make any change in the content, they needed, as compared to modern updated websites. Mistakes are always expected from Humans that’s why it should be easy to edit any content i.e. modify, delete, update, etc. without taking any extra time. Your website should be able to make changing easily & seamless. It will provide a better user experience & make your website preferable for the visitors.

Slow Loading Time and Fail to Mobile Response

Time is the most essential & important element for everyone, now a day. Every visitor who clicks on your website wants a quick response, as we mentioned, the human brain has an attention span of almost 8seconds. The average loading time of a good website is 3seconds its means that if your website is loading in 3 seconds then only 5seconds are left in which visitors want to get its desired content. If your website is not opening in 3 seconds it means that the visitor prefers to press the back button and go back to other updated websites which are better as compared to yours.

Most of the people who are on the internet and searching for something on search engines are mobile users. A mobile responsive site is no longer an option but it’s a requirement of all modern websites because of billions of mobile users which make a trillion searches through mobile phones. If your website is not a mobile responsive website then there is no need for it on the internet, anymore. You should update your website to make it one of the top listing websites while a user searches on the search engine.

Does not reflect the Marketing goals & Company's mission

If your website is not showing the services your company provides & its overall mission then it’s time to make. Some changes & update your website smoothly. Your website is like a storefront of your company which is accessible for all the online communities. When a visitor comes to your website, it should clearly show your products and related information that are necessary. Visitors on your website should briefly know about what you are offering to them that could help make a website top-ranked & preferable for all.

Low Conversions, & SE Ranking With High Bounce Rate

If a visitor is on your website & you want it to fill something given i.e. form, datasheet, etc. on the website but the user does not prefer to fill it, you have probably noticed a low conversion. Normally it’s mostly on a website of Ecommerce where you want the user to make a purchase or an informational website where you want the user to sign up & make an account to get some extra stuff. If a user is not willing to perform an action you want from it then it could be because of the outdated design of your website. Low Search Engine Ranking means your website is not on the top when a user makes a relative search. A survey shows that about 95% of people who perform Google searches do not jump to another website which is showing at lower in the list.

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