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Why is Web design so important in e-commerce

As a customer, you want a website to draw you in and be easy to navigate, but as a business, you want your customers to spend time browsing your products and be able to make purchases easily. If your website either fails to interact with users effectively or cannot provide them a feel good user experiences, they will surely click on the “back” option on their browsers and surf to the next result in pursuit of their not just search but to avail a better bilateral experience.

How your website is designed should be on your radar but you should know how it is going to impact your users, and to Impact you should consider the following:

1. Catching the eye

You’ve got to win your customers quickly. Apparently, the human attention span has become shorter than that of a goldfish. Or you can say that Millennials don’t have shorter attention span but they have a lot of stuff! And it is a bitter truth that thousands of other businesses are offering similar products or services as you are. How can you stand out? What’s your USP? Only the right design will allow you to catch an audience with just the right about of detail above the fold. This includes what the site is about and where they are supposed to go next and most important what the value they are going to get.

You should consider web design at least as important as your marketing efforts, as in the age of internet shopping, it is obviously the first impression your business makes.

2. Integration of every detail.

Obviously not all of the information of your site is going to be entertaining or engaging, but as an e-commerce site, there are always essential details you need to include, even if they may seem boring. This includes things like delivery details, information on returns and terms and conditions and some more according to your operations on certain field or territory.

You should be aware that the content should not only be well worded but can be found easily without being the focus of any page.

3. Validating User Experience

A customer can land on your e-commerce site at any stage of the buying journey via various channels. They might have received an email and been drawn in by a product offer or they might have stumbled across your site by accident.

As they have made their way there, they must be able to navigate the site well. Web design allows you to consider how someone will move through your site and how easy it is to do so. After all, it doesn’t matter what it looks like if a customer doesn’t know how to interact with it. The most important thing to consider is how they need to enjoy that interaction, so always think of design and UX hand-in-hand.

Make sure you consider how your website looks on a mobile too. More and more shoppers are using their phones to make purchases, even high-value ones.

4. Leading towards potential sales

One of the bitter truth that every business is aware that web designs can be expensive. It takes time and resources to plan how a site can work for your business. That’s why it’s important to remember all your efforts must increase sales. In fact, the statistics are pretty convincing, including a huge 48% of people who mentioned a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

Apart from web designing it is also important to consider and focus on graphics and illustrations applied along with responsive designing because 62% of websites have increased their sales by designing responsive platforms for their websites.

Wrapping up.

Web designing is a whole lot of a different ecosystem in a galaxy of web development and you should continuously explore the new planets on it. If you are having difficulty in landing on the rough surface of it. I creativez is all set to pave a run way for you. I creativez has not only pioneered itself in the field of web development, but also minted its mark in the designing world itself and have provided the design, maintenance and support consultancy to various of the global clients and have its arms open for every individuals and organizations that have hopped into the industry. To facilitate the new entrants, we welcome you to have detailed discussion with our consultants and that will surely not be charged to you. We are simply trying to return some value in good faith to the industry in which we all prevail.

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